Paske-Strikk / Easter Knits

Hannah started it and as we had talked about the pattern earlier this week I just had to follow … Yes, she challenged me.

So tonight I spent the evening knitting an egg from the book  (Arne & Carlos: “Easter Knits” or “Paske-Strikk” respectively) and even a second one, though the latter would last for less than 5 minutes as I unravelled it right when it was done.

I knew it all along (and I have said that before): things that small and delicate are NOT for me. Neither little bunnies nor Easter eggs! Still, here is the egg with J (already in his PJs) holding it .

As always he would take the finished creation to his room. Good night egg.

Easter Egg

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11 Jahre zuvor

I love it, it looks great!!