To Thread a Needle

When locking myself out, I know how to open the front door with a hanger. I still manage to carry my 9 yr. old (4.9ft., 64 lb.) inside the house and upstairs to his room, every time we come home late and he has fallen asleep in the car. I can even do a three-point shot in basketball if I have to.

But all of a sudden I’m having a hard time threading a needle.

No big deal. Something that happens to most people my age (my age?!), says the doctor while prescribing progressive lenses. It feels weird though.

to thread a needle

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Patty S.
10 Jahre zuvor

Ha ha ha…this is so me too!! I used to be able to find my sisters contact lens in the shag carpeting (yes, years ago), thread a needle with no problem ( I used to say to myself “why can’t mom see this?) and now, I have to wear prescription readers for almost all my crochet, and crafting. I miss the days of yesteryear!