Coffee Cup Cozy

We went to my parents’ house for Christmas and somehow I thought I might survive those three days with neither needles nor yarn. Mistake! BIG mistake! So I grabbed what was there and knitted with little left over bits and pieces of yarn.

There has been a partner for the red cozy too, but as I knitted my sister’s name and a heart on it you may guess where it is now … My favourite picture is the one with the grey cozies and the silver spoon. Very state-of-the-art 🙂

Coffee Cup CozyCoffee Cup CozyCoffee Cup Cozy

And for those of you who strive for more: try Eline’s hearts cup cozy:

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10 Jahre zuvor

So cute! I love projects like this. I also couldn’t resist knitting while staying with relatives over Christmas. In my case I ended up with a hat.

The Twisted Yarn
10 Jahre zuvor

Beautiful! (But the thought of going to stay anywhere without my yarn and needles would have horrified me!)