The Vogue Dictionary

The Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches was published first in 1984.

IMG_0699I remember looking at those 485 colored stitch patterns as a teenager, over and over again, admiring each and every one. Years later, I found a German copy at the fleamarket and since then it has become my favorite of all books about knitting, the foundation of my knitting library so to speak. No matter what I am looking for – whether it’d be colorwork or lace, knit-purl combinations or cable patterns – I am sure to find the perfect stitch or inspiration or both. Everything from very easy to very complicated, even fair-isle patterns.

I attached some pictures – have a look for yourself. Published in the 80s! Isn’t that crazy?! What is your favorite reference guide when it comes to knitting and why? I would love to know!

Supposedly, Mrs. Montaigne came up with this pattern to make stockings for Queen Elisabeth I. in the 16th century.

IMG_0713 IMG_0712

IMG_0709 IMG_0708 IMG_0707 IMG_0705

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10 Jahre zuvor

I looked at black and white pictures of Barbara Walker’s Knitting Treasuries. There’s a project to make them in color: