Everyday life

On a regular Wednesday there is not enough time to go home between work and picking up the son from his basketball practice. Yes, there is always something that needs to be done – some errands or grocery shopping (…) – however, most Wednesdays I stay at the gym for about an hour.

Too loud to make phone calls with each of the boys dribbling and bouncing (what feels and sounds like) hundreds of basketballs, I made it a habit to just sit and knit the time away.

A gift of time that I learned to treasure.

Kid-Silk Scarf HäkelmonsterSaturday morning. The son is already off for some more practice and I will soon leave to pick him up. However, there is still some time left for knitting. On the sofa – more comfortable and more calm.

Kid-Silk Scarf HäkelmonsterI am knitting the scarf with Drops Kid-Silk, a mix of kid mohair and silk, leftover odd balls from my stash. Some blue, some light brown, some white. Orange will be next. Followed by purple (unless the scarf is big enough before that).

Nothing but garter stitch, increasing one stitch in every other row. Mindless knitting, never-ending rows, with my thoughts flowing freely.

A lovely weekend to all of you.