Now that I have started, it is hard to stop. Look at those tight little balls of yarn – bits and pieces, different brands – they were literally screaming at me: knit! socks!

Socken Toe-Up Regia HäkelmonsterAnd so I did.

I sent the finished pair to my friend who confessed that she herself is unable to knit socks (which I doubt) but has always cold feet. Apparently, she is very happy with the new pair. She even sent me a picture wearing them. YAY!

Low light conditions though … not doing justice to those green socks (She must have put them on that very night, coming home from work and collapsing on the sofa …) – if not, I would of course have taken her picture right now, right here.

I can’t. I am fussy about pictures (quote me on that one …). So here’s the one I took before wrapping and sending the socks:

Socken Toe-Up Regia HäkelmonsterThen I fell (for the third time …) for Lana Grossa’s self-striping sock yarn “Meilenweit” (= for miles and miles):

socks self-striping Regia HäkelmonsterA long time ago, I have already finished a pair cuff-down with that same yarn, giving the afterthought heel a try. Later, I knit another more classic cuff-down version, with heels in beige. Now there is a third pair, this time toe-up.

socks self-striping Regia Häkelmonster
socks self-striping Regia Häkelmonster

Outside, it is spring. Temperatures in the high 60s. Who knows whether this will last. I think I might knit one more pair …