7 things

Almost every Sunday the German Frau Liebe (i.e. Ms. Love), who lives up to her name with her lovely blog, posts 7 things she did with her hands that very same day. Regardless of what it was or how much time she spent on doing what she did.

Now let’s see what we did today: we finally made cookies! We meant to do this all through december but somehow never got around to actually make some.

Kekse backen

I spent way to much time ironing. 17 of M‘s shirts (in words: seventeen) as I needed the hangers …


Even before breakfast, I sharpened every pencil I could find – I love doing that 🙂


And – finally – I spend some time (not enough though …) writing a paper that I need to hand in on Thursday. But don’t you just love that little computer J made?


That makes four. Cleaning J‘s shoes, preparing lunch, and finishing a (knitted) blanket not included. But you get the idea. So what have you been up to at your end of the world?