Little Horse, “Waldorf style”

Actually, I am working on an African Flower blanket and a new cover for a footstool / ottoman (posts to be) but coming across an unusual pattern almost ALWAYS makes me put things on hold and start over … This is what happened when I discovered the homepage of a German Waldorf kindergarden, suggesting to knit farm animals. I instantly fell for the horse. The pattern is very easy, the outcome delightful. We have a band of wild horses now. And one zebra.

First, you knit the body according to the pattern. It’s all in one piece with a little increase and decrease. Quick and easy, done in an hour.


Then you fold it …


… and finally you join it (don’t forget to work in the tail).


So far, all our horses have neither ears nor a mane as I don’t like the ears the pattern suggests and do not know how to do the mane. But isn’t it loveable even without?!