St. Nicholas Day

In Germany St. Nicholas Day is a big thing: Children put out a (well polished) shoe outside their home on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, hoping to find candy or a small gift or both in it the very next morning.

Today is St. Nicholas Day. And of course this year, as every year, we were St. Nicholas was well prepared to fill J‘s sneaker.

Now try to imagine how M and I felt when we found wrapped little gifts in our (!) shoes too! Here’s what I had:


I guess that answers the question I have been asking myself whether J still believes in Santa Claus and the like … Kind of sad, I know – he’s growing up waaaaay too fast – but you should have seen him this morning, beaming with delight that he had been able to surprise us.

To quote Martin Luther: – “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 🙂

A wonderful St. Nicholas Day to all of you out there!