Warming Wool Worms

Our house was built in the 1930s. People in the 60s did their best though to hide its beauty … carpeting, wooden panels, and psychedelic wallpapers literally EVERYWHERE when we bought it. See the hallway before and after and you get the idea.



However, to live in an old house has a lot of advantanges but it can be toublesome at times. Big issue until today are some of the windows … Old German houses have box-type windows (not sure about the expression), that is to say you have an outer and an inner window with a gap of probably 3 to 4 inches in between. After all I know, the air that is „stuck“ there is supposed to provide thermal insulation. And it does – but not in all the rooms. There are some windows that are always moist, even wet, and occasionally we had (beautiful) frost patterns … Until a friend told me to “seal” those windows by displaying knitted “worms” in between. That’s what I did and – SURPRISE – it works! The windows aren’t dry but there is no more water running down.

Wool Worm


Honor to whom honor is due: My mom knitted those worms for me – originally they were meant to be door sweeps 🙂