I want summer!

No! More! Winter! (Please …) I am so tired of the cold, the ice, the snow. Especially, after spring was already here with sun and crocuses and gardening and all of that. Sure, (at least) with regard to knitting and crochet, winter is a wonderful season but I am longing for daylight and warm weather. Aren’t you?

Therefore, I decided to at least “crochet summer.” Here’s the outcome:

Floating Tire

Any idea what this might be? It belongs to the gentleman with the blue bathing cap and matching speedo.


His legs are slightly big and maybe not long enough but still I am very pleased with his appearance. Especially, after I managed to do the floating tire. Trust me, I had countless attempts, but when about to give up it hit me like a bolt from the blue (see the pun with blue and blue :)) – it had to be done from the outside to the inside, just like an LP would play its music (= Long Record, for those of you not old enough to remember records) and not in rounds. So here they are, the swimmer and his floating tire:

swimmer & tire

swimmer & tire

swimmer & tire

swimmer & tire

Well, looks like there are two of us waiting for summer now …

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little poppits
11 Jahre zuvor

that is so cute, I want summer to it’s supposed to be spring here but weve got snow instead!!?? x