Infinity Scarf vs. Loop

What is the difference between an infinity scarf and a loop? Is there a difference? I really like the word loop so that’s the word I use, but when my goddaughter was here to visit earlier this month (she came all the way from Charlotte, NC and we were thrilled to see her!) she asked me to make her an infinity scarf. It had to go twice around her neck and she chose the yarn herself: dark grey alpaca and silk … I wonder, if it is ever going to be cold enough in NC for her to wear it 🙂

Her choice of pattern was Hiroko Fukatsu’s Cupido Cowl and that’s what she got. Even though it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. It could not turn out that way. The yarn is way too fluffy and fuzzy so you don’t actually see the pattern. I should have known. Well, I know now. But it’s very nice to the touch – and my goddaughter was happy. That’s all that counts, right? She promised to send pictures but for now it’s only the cowl, displayed on a garden chair. (It’s well worth to look at the original over at ravelry to see the texture.)

Infinity Scarf

Now, I am working on another loop. It will be more of a turtleneck. I don’t particularly like the color but as the ball of yarn was given to me by a very dear friend I think of her when knitting round after round after round … which is good.

lilac loop