A German CAL

Hooray! I finished both blankets last night! The acrylic blanket measures 42″ x 42″; the sock yarn blanket is almost twice as big: 44″ x 70″ and I am perfectly happy with both of them. Looks like the smaller one will be for a baby in Washington (as planned), whereas the sock yarn blanket gets to stay with us. At least for now :). I have been crocheting those blankets since June 1 and – believe it or not – I am still excited, hooked, and determined to start over and make another.

Hannah's blanket

This time it will be different though as I designed my own blanket together with Jessica (over at schoenstricken.de)! It is made of cotton yarn in rainbow colors and will have the size of a baby blanket (27″ x 35″) once it is done. And with Christmas approaching at an alarming rate (…) we decided to serialize the pattern as a German CAL.

The whole thing was triggered off in summer when I introduced the idea of a CAL to Jessica’s readers as a guest blogger. CALs are not very popular in Germany (yet!), but the feedback we received on that blog post was tremendous. Shortly after, we started to meet once the week. I would crochet while Jessica would take pictures and slowly but steadily a colorful “beginner blanket” would emerge.

Neither Jessica nor I have any intentions to reinvent the wheel. That is to say, the patterns I use have been used before. Some of them I learned with Hannah. Others are taken from books or the net. However, the composition is totally ours and we love it.

Tonight we posted the first 10 rows. I have not been that excited since waiting for a test to be returned in school. Fortunately, all comments are positive throughout!! And I am very much looking forward to next Friday and the next 10 rows … 🙂

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10 Jahre zuvor

That is so cool! I wish I could read German… But I have to get cracking on Christmas presents anyway… 🙁

10 Jahre zuvor

Die Decke ist super geworden, Danke Carina!!!

10 Jahre zuvor

Your blankets are gorgeous and you CAL looks great. I would be seriously considering joining in but I am determined to finish my cottage garden CAL blanket before I start anything else!

10 Jahre zuvor

Your German CAL is beautiful!! I am definitely going to be following your progress, the tutorial pictures are fabulous, so even for those people who don’t read Geman, they can still follow. Congratulations to you two!

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10 Jahre zuvor

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