Crochet for Kidney Research

“So how is this supposed to work? Will all of us be working on the very same blanket?” was one of the main questions when I started introducing German crocheters to the idea of a baby blanket CAL. Consequently, “who gets to have it in the end” was among those questions too.

Now, as the CAL is up and going, everyone knows that they are working on their very own blankets but somehow the idea of several people working on the same blanket stuck with me. And all of a sudden I realized that this is exactly what Natasja over at crochettime has been asking for since early September. I have been following Natasja and her blog for quite some time and still I failed to notice several of her posts on Crochet for Kidney Research …. Skimming over the wordpress reader I took all those pretty squares she has been posting lately for parts of a blanket she is working on herself. Mistake!

Fortunately, there are about 20 days left and I’ll do my best to make up for it!

Here’s the story behind, copied from Natasja’s blog:

Why Kidney Research UK: My husband, John, met someone who suffered from full kidney failure a year ago. Pieter had been on dialysis for 4 years and on the Organ Donor’s List. John was so moved by his suffering and story, that he decided he would donate one of his kidneys to him. Over the months of compatibility tests they became the best of friends, during which time we learnt that they were a very good match. The transplant operation was on 27. November 2012 and went extremely well. John’s donation also made history by being the first directed altruistic organ donation in the UK. It’s now 9 months later and they are both in very good health. Pieter wants to pay it forward and recently became a Board Member of the Kidney Research UK “Making EVERY Kidney Count” appeal. Pieter has committed to raise £150,000 over three years. I want to help him in the only way I know how: crochet.”

Natasja wants to make blankets for dialysis patients and needs our help. Those blankets shall be made from squares that are supposed to look like this:

“Any design of square, as long as it’s close to 15cm squared and you stick to shades of purple and white (as these are the official colors of Kidney Research UK). Please do not use wool as it may shrink or felt when the recipients wash their blankets on a too warm wash. Acrylics and cottons are best.” (See her ravelry group for even more information).

All had in my stash was two purple cotton balls that I would use to immediately start my first squares. So far it’s looking good and I think I’ll manage to make at least another three tonight.

purple aquares

Now, why don’t you join in too? Once you’re done you may want to register here to get Natasja’s address. There are so many crocheters out there – we should be able to provide Natasja with the squares for at least one blanket, don’t you think?

Have a great week!

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10 Jahre zuvor

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just tweeted a link to this post as well. You are so kind!!!