A Blanket for Jacob

It is done. Finally! With too many WIPs on my needles this took waaaaay too long to finish. But it does look nice: all these colored bobbles, the simple green edging, very “spring” – even the back side is pretty. I will mail it to Washington tomorrow. Supposedly, it is still winter over there …

bobbly blanketbobbly blanketbobbly blanket bobbly blanket

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Ali Patel
10 Jahre zuvor

The bobble blanket is absolutely beautiful – am v jealous of those in Washington receiving it! Well done for getting it finished. I have 3 WIPs at the moment and it has spurred me on to get some of them finished! Ali

Joline 103 idées
10 Jahre zuvor

very nice indeed !

10 Jahre zuvor

It looks amazing! And indeed spring-like. Bobbles texture works great for a blanket.

10 Jahre zuvor

I wish I had feel-o-vision, the texture looks brilliant!

10 Jahre zuvor


10 Jahre zuvor

I love the nesting of the bobbles that just makes the blanket like a sea of rainbow pebbles. The back with the simple stripes just looks lovely as well.

10 Jahre zuvor

Lovely bright blanket, looks a good pattern

10 Jahre zuvor

Gorgeous blanket with al those dots and colours.

10 Jahre zuvor

Beautiful, and so… bobbly! I love it!!!

10 Jahre zuvor

This blanket is very cute, well done!
Thanx for your message on my blog. If I’m writing about Berlin, I’ll definately think of you!!