Travelling to Illinois

Very soon, I get to go to Illinois. Too late for the YarnCon 2014 but still: a good week southwest of Chicago and then 4 days in the Windy City!

Yes – I am excited and I have two questions for you:

(1) Would you know whether I am allowed to bring (circular) knitting needles on board when flying United Airlines?

(2) Where would I go in Chicago in terms of “yarn” (cafés, stores, guild …)

What else is new? I have almost finished the lacy wrap for my host – maybe another inch or two – and will block it tonight. I wanted to give her something that’s nice to have in summer over a dress or a t-shirt and useful in winter (has any winter ever been that cold and long in IL before??), wrapped around neck and shoulders. This is it:

easy lace wrap haekelmonster.comeasy lace wrap haekelmonster.comIt looks like a bug’s parade to me on that picture, crawling north.

Oh yes, I am excited to go …


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10 Jahre zuvor

Where will you be in the city? Loopy Yarns is in the South Loop – super friendly ladies with a cozy-feeling but v. spacious store. Lots of Berroco and Cascade, but plenty of really lovely higher-end stuff, too. Windy Knitty is way up on the north side – smaller shop than Loopy, but chock full of a wonderful selection of yarns; staff is crazy friendly there, too. As far as needles go, I’ve never had a problem bringing mine, and I’ve read that lots of people print out the TSA page which says they are allowed, and bring that with… Weiterlesen »

10 Jahre zuvor
Reply to  Carina

Oh! Windy Knitty will be close to you, then! 🙂 I really love them, but as I’m in the South Loop, I really only get up there when they have something specific I want, or I combine them with another trip.

ellie ryan
10 Jahre zuvor

I second Windy Knitty, which is actually right in the neighborhood that you’ll be staying! Very convenient 🙂 There is a place called Sister Arts Studio between Windy Knitty and Loopy Yarns, but I think the selection might not be as big/they focus more on classes and events. Also, I’ve never had a problem with needles, but I think that some places might require that the needles be wood or plastic rather than metal.

The Windy Knitty | Häkelmonster
10 Jahre zuvor

[…] Thanks again for recommending the store in your comments! […]