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Sharon Tyler
10 Jahre zuvor

I am glad that I am not the only one that has trouble getting my models to stand still long enough for a good picture. when my do finally stand still, they make faces at the camera!

10 Jahre zuvor

it works! My favorite photo is the third, which is the most bird-like 🙂

10 Jahre zuvor

Love it, I have the same problem with my models too= about 1.5seconds to take a photo then they are off…

The Twisted Yarn
10 Jahre zuvor

It’s gorgeous. I love the lacy pattern.

10 Jahre zuvor

You know, I think I would want to play at being a bird too if I was modelling!

No more Knitting Water | Häkelmonster
9 Jahre zuvor

[…] for you to see. As always, J is modelling for me and – again – he prefers to be a bird rather than a fish (or any other animal living under […]