Elise is done

It’s been a while since I finished Elise – it’s about time I show pictures.

The minute I was done crocheting (of course on a Sunday with all shops and stores being closed …) I wanted to wash and block the shawl. However, I did not have the neccessary equipment as I never needed it before: No blocking wires, no pins, nothing. Arrrgh …

With the shawl already soaking in lukewarm water, I could not wait until the next day (does that happen to you too??) and decided to use what was there. Walking through the house, I would grab soldering wire, meat hooks (we use them to hang our towels in the bathroom) and mugs.

After squeezing out most of the wetness the shawl was HUGE! Way bigger than I thought it would be. And when smoothing it out on our bed it would become even bigger. M and J would both help to somehow straighten the centerline and I would finally insert the wires. Some of them turned out to be a little rusty – stupid to use them with an off white shawl. Now there a tiny orange stains in almost every point … Again: Arrrgh …

Then all three of us would hang the meat hooks and mugs (for extra weight) and leave the room. Tension would mount! Fortunately, it was very warm that day and the shawl would dry fast. At night I was able to move it to the stair railing so we could go to bed.

Enough of that! Pictures!!

blocking crochet haekelmonsterblocking crochet haekelmonsterblocking crochet haekelmonsterblocking crochet haekelmonsterblocking crochet haekelmonsterWhen starting to crochet lace I was afraid it might be frumpy at the end (thanks again Caitlin, very useful word) but it is not! Not at all.


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9 Jahre zuvor

No. It’s very glamorous. Not at all frumpy. I’ve never weighted my blocking rods in that way before. I just use extra matts and pin them farther out for more tension. It certainly didn’t hurt your shawl.

9 Jahre zuvor

oh, so pretty! I love it, and your ingenuity in getting it blocked. 🙂