The Sky Scarf

Thank you Knitted Art for introducing us to conceptual knitting and a very cool project! Here is what it is, copied from Lea Redmond’s homepage

“A Sky Scarf documents the weather outside your window. Each day – rain or shine – you will knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. It will be lovely to see how our different climates result in different scarves! I started mine in the springtime in Northern California and loved watching the colors evolve as the seasons changed. (…) The free pattern includes detailed instructions to make a five-foot Sky Scarf over the course of one year.”

If you need more inspiration, there’s a knitters’ pool on flickr showing all different scarfs, wraps, and blankets and I am very tempted to to a “Berlin Sky Wrap” starting January 1, 2014. It may have plenty of grey though for the first 90 rows …

However, if I had already started it, today’s colors would be blue. Blue as blue can be. Not a single bit of white.

Leafcutter Designs has quite a few other (free creative art) projects that really inspire me to light that “sense of whimsy and adventure” within me 🙂 Maybe I’ll do the Mood Scarf (see picture below) and the Sky Scarf.

African Flowers

When starting this project in January, I would crochet 5 flowers the day and the boy would arrange them on our living room table. The idea was to make a blanket from stash (of the same brand) but within a short time I ran out of white. As a matter of fact – the store is not around the corner, life keeps me busy, other projects were tempting – I still haven’t bought adequate supply … However, we needed the living room table and fortunately the boy agreed to remove the flowers if I would take a picture of his composition. (Supposedly, there is a system to it. I don’t see it though). Here is the picture:

Now, all the flowers are nicely piled in a shoebox (probably forever) and my only excuse is that even if I bought a skein of white I still don’t know which color to use to join them. Green? Brown?