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The babyblanket is coming along nicely. Another 10 rows, finally the edging and we’ll be done.

Crazy to think about it.

Even though we only started in mid October it feels like I have been in this forever. We had tulips, and granny stripes, and bobbles (single- and two colored); we had the spike stitch as well as the star stitch. All in all, 110 rows in the colors of the rainbow. To make up the pattern, to write the instructions was a lot of fun (even though more sophisticated, more complex than I thought it would be).

This is where we got last Friday:

Babyblanket Babydecke Crochet AlongIf you’re interested in looking at everyone else’s beautiful blankets have a look at my Facebook account.

Last night, I finished the “prototype,” the archetypal blanket. Like I said: Crazy to think about it …

Week 3 of babyblanket CAL

Wieder eine Woche ‘rum! / Another week has gone by!

So sieht unsere Decke in “Woche 3” aus: / This is what our blanket looks like in “week 3”:

babyblanket CAL

Das Bild deiner Decke kannst du ab sofort gerne auf meiner facebook-Seite hochladen. / As of now, you may upload your own images on my facebook account.

photos CAL Babydecke / baby blanket

Between October and December 2013 the pattern to this blanket was published in German on Jessica’s blog ≈ as a crochet along in 13 parts. My idea was to teach beginners how to improve their skills and to encourage them to accomplish a “bigger task” such as a (baby) blanket.

They were introduced to several (more or less) complicated stitches, “embedded” into crochet basics, such as sc, hdc, and dc rows. Each session consisted of 10 rows – including (at least) 1 special stitch.

Comments, feedback, and pictures were (and still are!) very welcome over at facebookCAL Babydecke Teil 2So sehen die ersten 20 Reihen der Babydecke aus. / This is how the first 20 rows of our babyblanket CAL look like.

Danke für die wunderbaren Bilder und Mails, die Ihr uns seither geschickt habt! / Thanks a million for all those wonderful pictures and mails that you’ve sent ever since!

Bilder der fertigen Decken sind in unserer Galerie / Pictures of all finished blankets can be found here.

Dank an Alle die mitgemacht haben! / Thanks a lot for joining!