Spending Money

Did you ever wonder what a German yarn addict (like me) might buy in the land of unlimited opportunities?

Well, so far I got: little rings to use as stitch markers, DPNs in different colors, and a size 50 hook to crochet chair pads (for the kitchen chairs at home).

IMG_0942However, still looking out for Self Striping Sock Yarn. Any suggestions anyone?


Last weekend my parents were here to visit. As they live on a farm they would give us tomato plants to be planted in our garden.

The box they used as a tray says “ray of sunlight”. However, what I liked best are the support sticks. Sharing them with you is a must.

You do recognize them as what they are, right? Of course, once we have tomatoes they will be red and yellow respectively. (I am serious – that’s what my mom said). 🙂

tomato plant

DPN for tomato plant