Spending Money

Did you ever wonder what a German yarn addict (like me) might buy in the land of unlimited opportunities?

Well, so far I got: little rings to use as stitch markers, DPNs in different colors, and a size 50 hook to crochet chair pads (for the kitchen chairs at home).

IMG_0942However, still looking out for Self Striping Sock Yarn. Any suggestions anyone?

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10 Jahre zuvor

A giant passed in my garden, he had a pebble in his sock, he removed it to chase away the pebble, and he forgot it at my home…!

10 Jahre zuvor

Woah, that is one HUGE crochet hook!! Your hexagons arrived today…. Beautiful!

10 Jahre zuvor

The Stockinette Zombies podcast is constantly talking about self striping sock yarn. They do a good job withe their show notes, so you should be able to find some good referrals: http://www.stockinettezombies.com/
A lot of it might be hard to find in brick-and-mortar shops, though.