Spending Money

Did you ever wonder what a German yarn addict (like me) might buy in the land of unlimited opportunities?

Well, so far I got: little rings to use as stitch markers, DPNs in different colors, and a size 50 hook to crochet chair pads (for the kitchen chairs at home).

IMG_0942However, still looking out for Self Striping Sock Yarn. Any suggestions anyone?

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9 Jahre zuvor

A giant passed in my garden, he had a pebble in his sock, he removed it to chase away the pebble, and he forgot it at my home…!

9 Jahre zuvor

Woah, that is one HUGE crochet hook!! Your hexagons arrived today…. Beautiful!

9 Jahre zuvor

The Stockinette Zombies podcast is constantly talking about self striping sock yarn. They do a good job withe their show notes, so you should be able to find some good referrals: http://www.stockinettezombies.com/
A lot of it might be hard to find in brick-and-mortar shops, though.