My Green Shrug

In summer, I bought this lovely yarn (Woolhair, “Super Kid Mohair”, 55% wool, 30% mohair, 15% polyamide), green as peas, olives, the lawn – my favorite color by far. And I knew it had to become a shrug.

I had no pattern but an idea and kept knitting round after round after round (width: 180cm, height: 40 cm). Finally, two little sleeves and … no more. Because all that was left to do was an endless kitchener stitch seam from one sleave to the other. I dread the kitchener stitch.

Hence, I hid the whole thing at the bottom of my WIP basket. It’s been sitting there, patiently, for weeks until the day before yesterday. A friend was over, we sat chatting and crocheting after dinner and suddenly I felt like finishing the shrug. And I did!

Here it is:

Don’t just LOVE this color?!