World Wide Knit in Public Day

Usually, I have no problem (anymore) to knit or crochet in public. Actually, I love to keep my hands busy in cafes or when using public transportation. So when M suggested we’d go to Hoppegarten (the racecourse outside Berlin) on World Wide Knit in Public Day I did not mind at all. I would even announce it on Facebook …

my knitting - double protected (orange sack, hiding in green bag).
my knitting – double protected (orange sack, hiding in green bag).

Well, that became a full-blown failure … Even though I had taken my knitting with me I did not even unpack it.

Lebensglück = Joy of Life. Isn't that the nicest name ever!?
Lebensglück = Joy of Life. Isn’t that the nicest name ever!?

First, because the pre-race inspection of the horses, the filling out of betting slips, and finally the sight of those magnificent horses dashing across the track (while following the basketball play-offs on my cell phone) kept me busy – there was no time to actually concentrate on stitches.


Second, people (ladies) around us were dressed to kill, in silk and with huge hats – believe it or not, I was too intimidated to unpack my knitting.

Third (and last) it was the German Mongolian horse races: there were Mongolian costumes to look at (very colorful), Mongolian life music to listen to (just like Rammstein, if you’re familiar with the band), and Mongolian food to taste (delicious but spicy).

However, what inspired me the most (surprise …) were garments and accessories made from either cashmere or yak fibers. Mostly undyed and in all shades of brown and grey they were unbelievably soft and beautiful. There was quite a bit of knitting but felting as well. I should have taken more pictures for you to see.

Hoppegarten Hoppegarten haekelmonster.comDid you do better than me? Where did you go?