The Purple Lace

My sister is 50 today. She’ll have a party at her house and then on Thursday her and her family – brother-in-law, my 3 nephews, and 2 nieces – will drive all the way up to Berlin to stay with us for a long weekend and to celebrate some more.

The house is getting ready (I am counting couches, bedsteads, and mattresses …) and so are we.

And YES, I did finish the lace in time! In spite of my quarrelling, unraveling, and whining 🙂 When halfway through, I actually loved making it. The color is gorgeous, the feel is just how I wanted it to be, and the pattern is beautiful.

So, pleased as I am, I am posting more pictures than usual.

purple lace scarf

purple lace scarf

purple lace scarf

purple lace scarf

purple lace scarf

purple lace scarf

Lace & me

It’s getting there, slowly, but steadily. 50 cm (= 19.2 in.) so far.


Knitting … and unraveling, knitting … and unraveling, knitting … Why? I don’t know. Even though the pattern is not complicated at all, something makes me add a loop where there’s not supposed to be one, while loosing another and only realizing it several rows later. Exhausting at times and if it wasn’t for my sister …

Luckily, Caityrosey foreshadowed (between the lines) that it might take some time to love lace knitting. Fortunately, AnastasiaMW knew that blocking helps to even out stitches. I am grateful for all comments and support. I needed support. And to be honest – I still do. Part of the lovely purple yarn was twisted and ragged, I had to use new strands twice. Hence, I have several ends now to sew up instead of just two.

Any suggestions anyone how to finish a lace scarf (once I am done …) with those ugly ends being invisible?  How do I weave them in? Thanks so much for your help!

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Lace Debut

I never thought much about lace scarves. To be honest: I never thought about doing anything lace at all. Until, very early this year, All She Wants To Do Is Knit started blogging about lace, “lazy-ness,” and her wedding shawl. Trying to decide on a pattern, she suggested several she had found on Ravelry – and that is exactly how lace got me …

So, here I was: admiring the most beautiful shawls ever, with my elder sister in mind who will be turning 50 in May. Consequently, I (finally!) went to the store on Tuesday to get lace yarn. I picked a bright purple in 100% merino wool to make a scarf for my sister! And somehow it feels different than any other project I have started so far: well-thought-out, mature, deliberate – does that make sense?

lace yarn

The very nice gentleman in the store helped me choose a pattern and I could hardly wait to get started last night! It’s an easy one, a “beginner kit” so to speak. The lace is not too thin (I am knitting with size 3,5 needles = US 4), the pattern repeats itself every four rows, and the rows are not too long either.

I had found the pattern rather by chance and I have to admit it was not love at first sight – until I saw what Avelinux had made out of it. If only bright green would be my sister’s color I would have copied Avelinux’ version of the shawl without hesitation. Besides, the vendor (who was more of an advisor) convinced me that all those fancy patterns I had in mind, those lovely feathers, flowers, and spider webs, are nothing to start with as a debutant … So I am making the “Little Leaf Lace Scarf” and I love it. So far, I have knitted an inch …

By the way, did I mention that my sister’s birthday is May 7? 🙂 Hence, not much posting on my side for the next days. I need to KNIT!