Nexus Sleeve

Sometimes I feel jealous that people are out there coming up with awesome stuff like this!

Neesha posted her pattern for a beautiful, no fuss, unostentatious crochet tablet sleeve.  Very easy to follow, uncomplicated to adapt (depending on tablet size), and a success without fail. So I decided to make this my birthday present for M. What can I say – it turned out great! Hard to show on a picture though.

Tablet Sleeve 1

Tablet Sleeve 2

But then I happened to find the knitted sleeve Dona made … To quote her  – I almost “died in jealousy and envy” and of course I had to make this one too. Here it is:

Tablet Sleeve 4

Tablet Sleeve 3

It’s a streamlined version without pom-poms but with a tweedy button and it fits as smooth and sleek as the crochet one. M unpacked both of them this morning (it’s his birthday today – ta daa!!) and I could tell he had no clue what it was. Fortunately, J and I could help 🙂 He then seemed to like both of them, took the knitted one to work and I am really, really pleased.

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11 Jahre zuvor

You found a perfectly matching button! It looks like a doughnut to me 🙂
Your cozies are lovely 🙂

11 Jahre zuvor

They are simply gorgeous and I have started one myself. But I bet my first one will not look and feel as good as those two. I’m quite envious!