Monster’s Sleeping Bag

I wasn’t all too happy with my friend’s iPhone sleeve, remember? Thinking of the “monster inside” still made me laugh though, so last weekend I decided to knit a “summer sleeping bag” for the unknown beast.

It had to be thinner but still protective (= rather knitted than crocheted), dark colored (= stain-resistant), hard-wearing (= no real wool), and – probably most important – less prone to pilling.

Fortunately, I came across Anastasia‘s post on how to do the magic cast on when knitting a sleeve. Then Sonja‘s idea (see comments at original post) of using cotton fired my imagination (even though she warned me of the material’s possible disadvantages …). This is how I started.

Against all odds, the “archetype” turned out nice. Nothing wrong with nice, but I didn’t think nice would satisfy the monster. It had to be more than that. And when I came across Anette‘s owl purse I instantly knew what I wanted!

See all three versions below. To me, the ultimate version is blue – that’s the sleeve I sent to Hamburg last night.

1st version in off-whiite cotton with bits of pink and pale blue
1st version in off-white cotton with bits of pink and pale blue
2nd version in off-whiite cotton with bits of pink and pale blue
2nd version in off-white cotton with bits of pink and pale blue and owl
final version in dark blue cotton
final version in dark blue cotton with owl

Someone to watch over me

It has been a while since I crocheted an iPhone sleeve for my friend. Rather convenient than design, but with a pretty button, I sent it to her as a surprise. It was so quickly done, I even forgot to take a picture. End of June, my friend came to visit and even though I was pleased to see her using the sleeve – it was in a bad state: all scraggly and ragged. Obviously, my choice of yarn had been wrong (too much wool – not enough acrylic).

Anyhow, I took a picture to have it “on file” with all the other stuff I have made over the years. And afterwards I forgot all about it (again), leaving the picture on the camera.

Until now.

Tonight I downloaded all pictures and here is what I discovered. It made me laugh out loud. Do you see what I see? No, not the ragged sleeve. The monster inside, carefully watching you with only one eye.

iPhone sleeve

I think it is hilarious. I might even crochet a summer sleeve for my friend, hoping that the monster will like it too.

Nexus Sleeve

Sometimes I feel jealous that people are out there coming up with awesome stuff like this!

Neesha posted her pattern for a beautiful, no fuss, unostentatious crochet tablet sleeve.  Very easy to follow, uncomplicated to adapt (depending on tablet size), and a success without fail. So I decided to make this my birthday present for M. What can I say – it turned out great! Hard to show on a picture though.

Tablet Sleeve 1

Tablet Sleeve 2

But then I happened to find the knitted sleeve Dona made … To quote her  – I almost “died in jealousy and envy” and of course I had to make this one too. Here it is:

Tablet Sleeve 4

Tablet Sleeve 3

It’s a streamlined version without pom-poms but with a tweedy button and it fits as smooth and sleek as the crochet one. M unpacked both of them this morning (it’s his birthday today – ta daa!!) and I could tell he had no clue what it was. Fortunately, J and I could help 🙂 He then seemed to like both of them, took the knitted one to work and I am really, really pleased.