Someone to watch over me

It has been a while since I crocheted an iPhone sleeve for my friend. Rather convenient than design, but with a pretty button, I sent it to her as a surprise. It was so quickly done, I even forgot to take a picture. End of June, my friend came to visit and even though I was pleased to see her using the sleeve – it was in a bad state: all scraggly and ragged. Obviously, my choice of yarn had been wrong (too much wool – not enough acrylic).

Anyhow, I took a picture to have it “on file” with all the other stuff I have made over the years. And afterwards I forgot all about it (again), leaving the picture on the camera.

Until now.

Tonight I downloaded all pictures and here is what I discovered. It made me laugh out loud. Do you see what I see? No, not the ragged sleeve. The monster inside, carefully watching you with only one eye.

iPhone sleeve

I think it is hilarious. I might even crochet a summer sleeve for my friend, hoping that the monster will like it too.

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10 Jahre zuvor

Ha ha, it does look a bit sinister, peeking out!

I’m in the middle of crocheting an iPad sleeve and was wishing I’d gone for a more wooly yarn rather than an acrylic one, but maybe I was right, based on what you say 🙂

10 Jahre zuvor

I simply love that monster!

10 Jahre zuvor

I like your iPhone sleeve! It’s so pretty with that golden/ wood button.
I just did my sleeve with a soft cotton yarn and my phone already ripped some strands of yarn at the edge…. So the next one will by made from acrylic!

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10 Jahre zuvor

[…] wasn’t all too happy with my friend’s iPhone sleeve, remember? Thinking of the “monster inside” still made me laugh though, so last weekend […]