Granny Square Blanket, completed

The granny square blanket is finished and it turned out to be so very beautiful!

Thanks to the wonderful green dragonfly ! Her comment underneath my last post to use turquoise AND orange, in short: to use COLORS was the perfect suggestion.

Hence, I would border half of the (12) squares with an extra row of red, pink, orange or yellow before joining all of them in turquoise. The edging is a tiny little row of single crochet in orange.

Granny Square BlanketGranny Square BlanketI love the outcome! Thanks a million Janette! Doesn’t it look like it has been sitting on my sofa forever?!

Granny Square Blanket
Granny Square blanket without orange edging … (I added that in the meantime but had to take pictures beforehand)

Granny Square Blanket

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10 Jahre zuvor

Wow, it looks great… The perfect solution to a tricky problem.

10 Jahre zuvor

Beautiful blanket. Always good to listen to comments of followers.

Love, Margaret

10 Jahre zuvor

The extra colour make it pop. Great idea!

Sarah Craighead
10 Jahre zuvor

Can I have the pattern and make one for myself?

10 Jahre zuvor

I love your blanket! Normally I’m not a fan of granny squares but this is beautiful and inspiring!!

10 Jahre zuvor

I love it, and now want to make one exactly the same!!! Xxx

The Twisted Yarn
10 Jahre zuvor

Absolutely beautiful. Hope it makes you smile whenever you see it.

10 Jahre zuvor


Grammielo Cw
9 Jahre zuvor

Thank you for sharing your work. Good inspiration.