A Blanket for Peter

Three weeks ago, my cousin had another baby: “boy N°3.” His name is Peter and the cousin asked for a blanket for her little son. (Isn’t it always nice to be asked?!)

Of course, I started crocheting at once 🙂

Last night the blanket was done: blue circles on white, 25 squares, joined as I went. Classic granny style, an easy task, lightweight and airy. I just need to block it (blocking is magic!) but couldn’t wait to take (and share) a picture.

baby blanket granny squares haekelmonster.comAs soon as the blanket is blocked and dry, we’ll be ready to meet the young man!

This is the baby blanket I made for “boy N°1” – Peter’s eldest brother. Supposedly, he still uses it when napping.

baby blanket sock yarn haekelmonster.comNow that I come to think of it – I never made a blanket for the second little boy. Neither knitted, nor crochet. Well, … maybe I should get back to my needles …

Postscript: The blanked is blocked and ready to travel.

baby blanket granny squares haekelmonster.com

Granny Square Blanket, completed

The granny square blanket is finished and it turned out to be so very beautiful!

Thanks to the wonderful green dragonfly ! Her comment underneath my last post to use turquoise AND orange, in short: to use COLORS was the perfect suggestion.

Hence, I would border half of the (12) squares with an extra row of red, pink, orange or yellow before joining all of them in turquoise. The edging is a tiny little row of single crochet in orange.

Granny Square BlanketGranny Square BlanketI love the outcome! Thanks a million Janette! Doesn’t it look like it has been sitting on my sofa forever?!

Granny Square Blanket
Granny Square blanket without orange edging … (I added that in the meantime but had to take pictures beforehand)

Granny Square Blanket

Hannah’s Blanket

It’s been a while since Hannah over at NYAC suggested that we all do a blanket CAL together and I cannot believe we’re already accomplishing “week 6” in a few days. Hannah’s instructions and pictures are very nice and easy to follow and on Saturdays I seriously feel like doing homework when crocheting row after row according to her guidelines. So far, there has been no stitch or sequence that I did not like and of course I check Facebook the minute I am done to peek at all the others blankets that are just like mine and still so very different.

However, I am having (and have had) a hard time with some of the stitches due to the sock yarn I chose (and the fact that I am a perfectionist maybe … :)). Stitches like the Catherine Wheel or the Mirrored Chevron just don’t look right (to me) with a flimsy fiber. Consequently, I had to modify patterns to meet the yarn’s characteristics or – worse! – change them altogether. I endlessly grappled with the bobbles for example, as the second color would always shine through the stitches. At the end (exasperated …), I would crochet the row of bobbles in only one color as a compromise.

Yes, I have to admit: spending the weekend on 6 rows would occasionally take some of the fun. So finally, the day before last, I left work early to make it to the store in time (with regard to opening hours Germany is clearly not the U.S.) to buy acrylic yarn (probably similar to the brand Hannah is working with) and to start over. And it is with pride that I announce today that both blankets are “up-to-date” since last night!

But which one is nicer? I wish I knew! Here are the basics:

  • Crocheting the acrylic yarn is not only faster in speed but also faster in seeing a result. So far the acrylic blanket-to-be measures 16″ (41 cm) whereas the other one has only 10,5″ (27 cm). That is clearly an advantage.
  • Still, it is a lot lighter. Acrylic does not seem to have any weight at all. Now that I am able to compare, I totally prefer the weight of the sock yarn blanket-to-be. It seems to rather embrace the body – does that make sense?
  • Plus, the feel is different. Acrylic may be softer but sock yarn is thicker to the touch. I really like that too.
  • However, with acrylic yarn the stitches have more defined contours, they stand out and I love that. Looking at the Star Stitch (my favorite stitch so far) makes me smile.
  • Moreover, it’s easier to work over a second yarn (as for the bobbles) and even the Mirrored Chevron worked out straightaway with all stitches being even and nice.

In short: I have no favorite, I like them both, but I would probably prefer to snuggle with the sock yarn blanket. So I asked the expert at home and – guess what – J too decided in favor of the sock yarn blanket.

Of course, I will finish both of them. The first one because it is so much fun to make it (acrylic yarn)  and the second because it will be rewarding to finish my “master piece” (sock yarn) 🙂

What was your choice of yarn and why? Are you happy with the result (color, texture, feel …)? I am seriously impressed by all the different variations of Hannah’s blanket that I have seen so far! What would you do differently if you would start anew? Or wouldn’t you change anything at all? I am very curious to get to know the story behind your blanket!

Happy Crochet on Saturday 🙂

Crochet Blankets

Very lazy Sunday

(Again) I ran out of yarn. Though three skeins are on their way they didn’t get here yet. And I would so much love to work on the sock yarn blanket I started crocheting the other day. It’s inspired by Tamara’s “Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket” (I changed the pattern slightly though by crocheting sc rather than dc) but less colorful.

This is how far it got last week; even the back is nice
This is how far I got last night (length: 55cm/21in; width: 90cm/35in)

However, how do you spend a Sunday when running out of yarn?! Here’s what I did:

I read and admired every single article Natasja over at crochetime posted and tagged with Ta-daah! to realize I am still a crochet debutante …

After learning that there have been tornados again in the US, I surfed the net, trying to find out about Hannah’s hometown and whether they were hit again. (Looks like they were not).

I ironed 22 shirts. 20 for the man, one for me, and one for the boy (feel like wonder woman now 🙂 )

We had tea and cake to celebrate Boo Boo’s 3rd birthday. (Boo Boo is the first crochet monster I have ever made).

Later today, we’ll be watching the German Basketball Playoffs on TV.

All through the day it has been pouring rain. (No complaints here – I much rather have rain than a tornado). The boy is bored, still in his PJs, grumbling that time goes too slow. The man should know today’s newspaper by heart after hiding behind it for hours. In short: a very lazy Sunday.

What have you been up to?