A Blanket for Peter

Three weeks ago, my cousin had another baby: “boy N°3.” His name is Peter and the cousin asked for a blanket for her little son. (Isn’t it always nice to be asked?!)

Of course, I started crocheting at once 🙂

Last night the blanket was done: blue circles on white, 25 squares, joined as I went. Classic granny style, an easy task, lightweight and airy. I just need to block it (blocking is magic!) but couldn’t wait to take (and share) a picture.

baby blanket granny squares haekelmonster.comAs soon as the blanket is blocked and dry, we’ll be ready to meet the young man!

This is the baby blanket I made for “boy N°1” – Peter’s eldest brother. Supposedly, he still uses it when napping.

baby blanket sock yarn haekelmonster.comNow that I come to think of it – I never made a blanket for the second little boy. Neither knitted, nor crochet. Well, … maybe I should get back to my needles …

Postscript: The blanked is blocked and ready to travel.

baby blanket granny squares haekelmonster.com

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Nadine Roberts
9 Jahre zuvor

Definitely make one for the second one. They all deserve their own blanket. Every time they see them they will think of you.Have you seen this pattern? http://www.freewebs.com/bethintx/dropinthepondlaprobe.htm I have made it several times as a gift. It is an easy variation of the ripple and people loved it.

9 Jahre zuvor

That looks like a nice quick crochet, although what do I know? I need to learn how someday.

9 Jahre zuvor
Reply to  Carina

Hah. Deal.

Peter and his blanket | Häkelmonster
9 Jahre zuvor

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