Knit the Bridge

No time to actually write a blog post, but I happened to come across some pictures (looking for something totally different – the web is weird) that I must share with you!

The Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh was yarnbombed into (supposedly) the US’ biggest knitted grafitti ever, made by 1,847 artists with more than 600 blankets. A “jaw-dropping endeavor” says Huffington Post and I could not agree more.


Knit the Bridge has its own blog and a Facebook page with loads of pictures and information. Enjoy!

cristina saucedo

Yarn bombing on the Andy Warhol's bridge in Pittsburgh

There will be a party on the bridge on Sunday – if only Berlin was closer to Pittsburgh … 🙂

A Happy Ending?

Well, sort of a happy ending …

Some of the elementary school students may have liked the Bobble Wrap but others – probably elder students – obviously did not. Someone was successful in unraveling some of the bobbles. And if that wasn’t enough, the aggressor tried to tear the whole thing off.

Less than a week after I had put it up, I found the pole’s wrap beaten-up and distorted at the bottom of the street sign. (Sorry, no picture.)

So I took it off (swearing like a trooper), fixed it and now it’s back up. But no longer down the street but at the gas lantern in front of my house, and next to all other yarn graffiti that’s been there all along.

My house will have an eye on it. See those angry eyebrows and that mean look of the 2nd floor windows?

yarn bombing

PS: Yes, I remade the flowers and leaves too. Rain and sun had taken pretty much all colors away.

Bobble Wrap

I have to admit our neighborhood is rather square than trendy but I am working on it!

So last night, I sneaked off to a nearby street sign and wrapped it in bobbles (at least to some extent, that is 50cm / 1’8″).

Is it fate or coincidence that right this morning (when I took the picture) the sky was grey and no longer blue?! As the blue bobbles have a metallic threat that makes them sparkle in the sun I will have to take another picture later today.

street sign yarn bombing

However, the students of the elementary school right next to it will hopefully notice and enjoy. Can’t wait to see them touch it and wonder how it got there 🙂

Here is the promised closeup (not much of a sparkle though):

street sign yarn bombing