Bactus Scarf

Between Christmas and New Year I knitted Strikkelise’s Bactus scarf. Looking at all those pictures on ravelry made me want to have my own! Plus, the (English, German, Dutch, Portuguese) pattern is very easy to… Mehr

Bobbly Blanket

Ta-daaah (as Natasja would say) – I have finally finished the Bobbly Blanket. Whoo-hooo!! It’s very heavy (1 kilo = 2.2 lbs) and very beautiful. Plus, the feel of the bobbles is beyond description. Spontaneously all… Mehr


Forces are in position, J says … … and I’ve fixed the kitchen window (sort of …) I have a new laptop, it’s beautiful outside and we’re rolling with the punches. Thank you all, for… Mehr