Peter and his blanket

Remember I made a blanket for Peter? Finally last week we met and I must say: he is adorable. I don’t think I have ever seen such a pretty little boy (other than J of course) with so cute little feet.

His parents loved the vintage look of my “circles in granny squares” blanket and I sure hope so does he – one day …

Here is the picture I received this morning:

Crochet Blanket

1970s crochet blankets

Back in the 70s, when my sisters and I were kids, my mom would make blankets for us that we would use as bedspreads for years to come.

Looking back, it amazes me how she managed to keep the making of those huge blankets a secret until Christmas.

Lately, all three of them moved in with me. And I am not even sure my sisters know that I became the “keeper of handmade bedspreads” 🙂

The one with horizontal stripes in yellow, red, beige, and brown belongs to my elder sister. My younger sister was pleased to get the vertically striped one in turquoise, brown, and beige. Ultimately, mine is the checkered one in red, green, brown, and beige.

You can tell they’re old, you can tell they’re used but there is no doubt I will bring them back out again next fall.

crochet blankets

striped croched blanket

striped crochet blanket

checkered crochet blanket

crochet blankets

Did I ever say thank you? Just to make sure: Thank you, Mami 🙂