Flower Power

Warmth or cold, sun or storm – this year, summer is on and off in Berlin. However, the garden appears to like it. Everything seems to be growing overnight and whenever I have time, I am outside to weed and water. The minute I turn though, those mean little greens seem to be breaking through the soil anew.

yellow flowers front yard

J caught the garden bug from me and keeps “planting” little pips and grains between damp cotton pads waiting for them to sprout. This one – placed in the lid of some spray can – immediately did what was expected. It will become a tree, says J. In the meantime, the “tree to be” has been repotted into a flowerpot and we’re counting days until we can sit in its shade.


With gardening and such, there was never enough time to knit or crochet lately (not to mention blogging …). Anyway, little crochet flowers are easy and fast to make 🙂  and I managed to make quite a few last week. They’re on their way to the UK now and I sure hope Dilly Tante will get them in time!

simple crochet flowers


Going through pictures I found two that I wanted to blog but never got around to do so. And even though they are a bad match – here they come:

I have finished the sock yarn stash blanket quite some time ago and gave it to friends who had triplets. (Can you imagine having triplets?!) It’s thick and heavy and therefore probably better to lay on it rather than underneath.

stash blanket

Those last weeks, between times and bigger projects, I would make all different kinds of egg cozies for a friend. She’s French and apparently the French are not familiar with the concept of egg cozies. The little bunny I made is part of her (expanding) collection too.


Knitting the wrap – and nothing but the wrap to get it done in time – makes me want to start a zillion other things. Another monster, a baby blanket, ANYTHING. Crazy hooker’s mind …

A lovely weekend to all of you 🙂

2-in-1 Discovery

This morning the beautiful birds designed by Louise Weaver found me. (It would be lying if I said that I found them. All of a sudden they were there. Serendipity?!) Since then, there are still no signs of spring outside but definitly inside my head. Those extravagant birds, so playful and luminous, just brightened my day.

The Jealous Curator makes this a “two-in-one” discovery. Not only because she enunciates my inner thoughts (Yes, I am jealous when looking at those birds) but because her blog is beautifully done, very well written and presents awesome pieces of art (jealousy again, I guess). Great way to start the day 🙂

Flower Blanket

The weather is bad, it’s cold, rainy, NASTY outside and I feel the urge to repost the flower blanket. Here it is, together with J:


Recently, I started working on a “summer version” (pure cotton) but the store ran out of red and pink … Not sure what to do next. Maybe I’ll arrange the squares randomly without any red or pink at all. I might as well wait for next summer hoping that both colors will be available again. Or I surf the net (why didn’t I think of that before?!) and find it online. It’s definitely a 2013 project …


No Flower Blanket

I started those little squares in 2010 (yes, 2010 …) and maybe I needed a blog to finally confess this will NEVER be a blanket. NEVER. Each flower square measures an inch …

But what am I going to do with them? Greeting cards? A mini scarf? A border of some sort? Or yet a baby blanket with the flowers spread out randomly? What color and how? I don’t know. What would you do? Suggestions are highly appreciated …