No more Knitting Water

I am done with knitting water. No more! Over and out!

However, here are pictures of the dark blue water for you to see. As always, J is modelling for me and – again – he prefers to be a bird rather than a fish (or any other animal living under water).

He would flap and flitter and turn and twist (there is some Usain Bolt in it – can you see it?) for a while …

knitting water wrap knitting water wrap knitting water wrap knitting water wrap knitting water wrap knitting water wrap… until I told him to stop.

knitting water wrap haekelmonster.comNow we’re off to hand all water – the blanket and the wrap – over to the artist.

Under Water

J under (knitted) water. I have finished the blanket – yay!

knitting water haekelmonster.comAt the end, there was not enough yarn left to knit the last corner … Hence, I decided on a “cuddle corner” made of a fluffy yarn in matching colors that my lovely neighbour gave me.

Now, I like to imagine the blanket’s future owner (once the art project is done) to choose it not despite but because of that soft and somewhat “hairy” corner.knitting water haekelmonster.comWho knows? After all, it is a kid size blanket …

Same old, same old

Still working on water, occasionally knitting squids or making jam when tired of crafting. Amy is busy bringing the huge red octopus into being. Same old, same old …

J has been gone for a week now (he is in France) and will be gone for another (hear the mother hen cackle? …). Ideally, I would use those weeks to do all the stuff I never do when he’s around. Well, ideally …

knitting water Gropiusstadt Apfelgelee knitted squid Gropiusstadt octopus Gropiusstadt


Knitting Water

Last week, M saw it first and handed me the paper: close to where we live women are beautifying a long abandoned water well by lining it with blankets – crocheted or knitted – in all shades of blue and green. Due until early September for a festival weekend. Yarn and fellow campaigners much needed.

Did I have a choice? I guess not and off I went … only to get there the wrong day (flaky me).

However, Thursday I would go again and there they were: Amy Klement – an American living in Berlin, performance and visual artist, initiator of the whole project – and six ladies of different age and nationality under a huge yellow umbrella.

Soon, I learned that not only blankets for the water well were needed but also cloths to cover bicycle racks and tubes to mantle bollards. Luckily, I had brought knitting needles and acrylic yarn, one of the garden chairs was empty and in no time I sat knitting just like everyone else.

Amy, working on a giant red octopus
Amy, working on a giant red octopus

Every now and then, passers-by would stop to talk about or to take pictures of what we were doing. A lady would bring huge bags of yarn, attached to both sides of her bike’s handle bar and eventually a man would deliver two bollard covers his mother had made, decorated with crocheted flowers and butterflies. He must have been in his 40s (at least! Probably older) and I would muse for a while (who or) what made the old lady knit for bollards.

Coming home that day, I would call my mother (she is in her late 70s) suggesting she might join in and knit rectangles that I would sew around bike racks in early September. Well, she was surprised (to say the least) but pleased to take part in an arts project :). My mother never fails to surprise me. She is in for all sorts of stuff. The thought of her, telling friends (and my dad!) that she is now knitting for a yarn bombing still makes me laugh.

knitting water
knitting water

Unfortunately, I have been pushing too hard to finish some crochet projects lately (a mystery CAL on a German blog; more soon) at the expense of my right thumb, to be precise: to the expense of the Metacarpophalangeal joint. No idea how to pronounce that, I did not even know I had one of those, I can feel it now though …

The hand is bandaged and I promised not to crochet for a while (how long is “a while”??). No one mentioned knitting though and so I keep knitting water. Row by row, very slowly, trying not to overstrain any of my fingers or joints. Quite a ruminant experience.

A lovely weekend to all of you!