Knitting Water

Last week, M saw it first and handed me the paper: close to where we live women are beautifying a long abandoned water well by lining it with blankets – crocheted or knitted – in all shades of blue and green. Due until early September for a festival weekend. Yarn and fellow campaigners much needed.

Did I have a choice? I guess not and off I went … only to get there the wrong day (flaky me).

However, Thursday I would go again and there they were: Amy Klement – an American living in Berlin, performance and visual artist, initiator of the whole project – and six ladies of different age and nationality under a huge yellow umbrella.

Soon, I learned that not only blankets for the water well were needed but also cloths to cover bicycle racks and tubes to mantle bollards. Luckily, I had brought knitting needles and acrylic yarn, one of the garden chairs was empty and in no time I sat knitting just like everyone else.

Amy, working on a giant red octopus
Amy, working on a giant red octopus

Every now and then, passers-by would stop to talk about or to take pictures of what we were doing. A lady would bring huge bags of yarn, attached to both sides of her bike’s handle bar and eventually a man would deliver two bollard covers his mother had made, decorated with crocheted flowers and butterflies. He must have been in his 40s (at least! Probably older) and I would muse for a while (who or) what made the old lady knit for bollards.

Coming home that day, I would call my mother (she is in her late 70s) suggesting she might join in and knit rectangles that I would sew around bike racks in early September. Well, she was surprised (to say the least) but pleased to take part in an arts project :). My mother never fails to surprise me. She is in for all sorts of stuff. The thought of her, telling friends (and my dad!) that she is now knitting for a yarn bombing still makes me laugh.

knitting water
knitting water

Unfortunately, I have been pushing too hard to finish some crochet projects lately (a mystery CAL on a German blog; more soon) at the expense of my right thumb, to be precise: to the expense of the Metacarpophalangeal joint. No idea how to pronounce that, I did not even know I had one of those, I can feel it now though …

The hand is bandaged and I promised not to crochet for a while (how long is “a while”??). No one mentioned knitting though and so I keep knitting water. Row by row, very slowly, trying not to overstrain any of my fingers or joints. Quite a ruminant experience.

A lovely weekend to all of you!

Flower Power II

When I was 14 my (then) best friend would move to Hamburg with her parents. I was devastated and begged my parents to do something, to keep them from leaving. Of course, there was nothing they could do about it, but wonderful as they are, they suggested we’d host a farewell party for my friend, which is what we did. And it was good – a day to remember.

Not much later – when I was 18 – I was the one to leave, as I went to Paris as an au pair. My friends would take me to the main station (yes, back then one would take the train to go to Paris) to see me off. I remember it as awkward when the train finally took off and they all stayed behind.

The feelings I had back then stayed with me. Whenever I would relocate it would be bittersweet, anywhere between excitement and tears, anticipation and drama. So when reading Dilly’s post about her “lovely friend and partner in crime” (I love that!) returning to her native land, how sad she was to see Georgia go and her intentions of doing a yarn bomb for her I couldn’t but sympathize. Even more so, when I read she was in need of crochet flowers. I love crochet flowers.

There were two nights left, enough stash at hand and even some “flower experiment” remains laying around that I could use. Hence, I would crochet, pack 99 flowers (and a pom-pom that J had made) in a box and send it to the UK.


“Thanks for getting involved!” Dilly wrote (to a total stranger and clearly not knowing what to expect), “No idea of posting times but if they don’t get here by Weds I promise to add them to the yarn bomb anyway :)”. Well, the mailman obviously ran all the way and the box made it by Tuesday: “I received your package today. (…) We are still planning to hit our target tomorrow. I will try and post pictures as soon as I can.”

Pictures were online this morning (here are some more) and seriously made my day. Thank you Dilly! And to all others: we should do stuff like that more often. It doesn’only look good but feel good. So if anyone is planning on doing a crochet flower yarn bomb …

Hookers unite 🙂

crochet flowers