The World is round

It’s that time of the year. We were gone for a few days. Germany, Belgium, France …


No wonder my crocheting went well 🙂 There is progress, can you tell? Another 27 circles to go.

crochet circles crochet circles

Crocheting in the Wake of the World Cup

Just like every other kid, J wanted to watch ALL the games and of course I would not let him (too many, too late). However, he got to watch quite a few and soccer would resume power in our house …

crochet circles granny squaresAfter a while, I found myself crocheting in rounds …

Even J‘s birthday cake (he is TEN now!) was a soccer field

birthday cake soccerfieldWhen watching the games – did you pay attention to the short intro with each player being introduced? Well, here’s my son’s artwork: something between the presentation of a soccer player and crochet (I filmed him, turning and crossing his arms, but somehow I can’t get the video on here. Too bad).



A Blanket for Peter

Three weeks ago, my cousin had another baby: “boy N°3.” His name is Peter and the cousin asked for a blanket for her little son. (Isn’t it always nice to be asked?!)

Of course, I started crocheting at once 🙂

Last night the blanket was done: blue circles on white, 25 squares, joined as I went. Classic granny style, an easy task, lightweight and airy. I just need to block it (blocking is magic!) but couldn’t wait to take (and share) a picture.

baby blanket granny squares haekelmonster.comAs soon as the blanket is blocked and dry, we’ll be ready to meet the young man!

This is the baby blanket I made for “boy N°1” – Peter’s eldest brother. Supposedly, he still uses it when napping.

baby blanket sock yarn haekelmonster.comNow that I come to think of it – I never made a blanket for the second little boy. Neither knitted, nor crochet. Well, … maybe I should get back to my needles …

Postscript: The blanked is blocked and ready to travel.

baby blanket granny squares

Crocheted Tunic

The first attempt (knitted) was a total failure, the second (again: knitted) was better but sagging and not at all what I had wanted it to be.

The third time’s the charm! Here is the tunic I have made: It’s crocheted and has the granny squares Catherine (mother to one of J‘s classmates) wanted to have. I managed to weave in the last ends in time to give it to her on her birthday. And – yay! – it fits her.

cotton tunic

Maybe I can convince the happy owner to take a picture when wearing it for all of you to see.

Thank you again for your suggestions. (At the end, I would come up with my own pattern).

Granny Square Blanket, completed

The granny square blanket is finished and it turned out to be so very beautiful!

Thanks to the wonderful green dragonfly ! Her comment underneath my last post to use turquoise AND orange, in short: to use COLORS was the perfect suggestion.

Hence, I would border half of the (12) squares with an extra row of red, pink, orange or yellow before joining all of them in turquoise. The edging is a tiny little row of single crochet in orange.

Granny Square BlanketGranny Square BlanketI love the outcome! Thanks a million Janette! Doesn’t it look like it has been sitting on my sofa forever?!

Granny Square Blanket
Granny Square blanket without orange edging … (I added that in the meantime but had to take pictures beforehand)

Granny Square Blanket